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Hello, I'm

Nick Mathews

I’m so glad you found me!  I created this page to give people a simple overview of what I do for a living and what my plans are for the future.  I hope you find it informative and interesting.  I tried hard to make it brief, but if you are not into the whole “brevity” thing, you can download my full updated CV below.  Thanks for visiting!

Nick Mathews
Marine Technician

Days at Sea

I started out in 2011 as an Undergrad watchstander/blog-writer for a 42 day marine geology cruise from Hawaii to Guam. Since then I've worked as a technician on six different research vessels in three oceans. I currently live aboard the R/V Atlantic Explorer based out of St. George's Bermuda.

Vacation days per year

I work for nine months per year at a very demanding job at sea. I use the other three months to travel the world and do outreach for scientists.


Marine Technician
Web design
Professional Life

I worked my way through college helping out in a hopsital and at the university’s IT call center.  I got my oceanography degree after completing a research project I presented at an international Geophysics conference in San Fransisco.  My biggest strength and passion is for field work so I decided to become a marine technician.  


Immediately following my graduation I did a six month marine technician internship on the University of Washington’s ship and both of the ships at the University of Hawaii.  This led me into my first part time job working for Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute.  


In the beginning of 2015 I got a permenant job in Bermuda as a marine technician on the research vessel Atlantic Explorer.  I presently work there and have taken on roles such as Mooring specialist, IT administrator, scientist liason, deck leader and many more.  


Here’s a list of some of my most relevant skills and certficiations: 

  • BS Oceanography (Physics) from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

  • STCW BST Certificate (Firefighting, first aid, survival training)

  • Seabird Electronics Certificate

  • Skilled in deploying & recovering moorings

  • Skilled in troubleshooting digital & analog electronics

  • Skilled in Windows based networking

  • Experienced in Python, Web Programming & databases

Want to know my Evil Plan?


I use my professional network as a marine technician on oceanographic ships to gain access to some of the most brilliant scientific minds in the country while they're stuck on a ship with me and have no way to hide from me.


I interview these scientists and record everything they do so that I can expose them to the public. I plaster their work and my videos all over Youtube and my own evil propaganda website.


I brainwash these scientists so that they think science is important in more ways than they thought and that, as experts, they should be playing a more visceral role in society.


I use the influence I have on the internet to attack the education system. Once I win, teachers will be using my cutting edge science propaganda website to start discussion in the classroom. These discussions will hijack the minds of innocent children and make them actually believe that science is good and cool. Little do they know it's just part of my evil plan. Muah ha ha haaa

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